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The Drink

I went to the pub the other night. It was all going well until this lady with the ugliest face ever comes up to me and asks to buy me a drink. Being the gentleman I am, I accepted the offer, drank the offering quickly and escaped by way of the┬áback door. As I exited the pub, I notice a hole in the ground…except that it’s not really a hole, more of a mountain, and by mountain I mean it was that lady from the pub.

This lady was a succubus. She turned into a demon and bit my face off. Still, I’ve always been a fan of change and now my face is ever so soft and sensitive. Too bad it’s six feet under. No problem. Problems are for live people. I like it when I’m offered a drink though. So many nice people live above the ground, not so much under. Anyway. Goodbye. Have a nice day.