The soul is a dark place. Even as a nonbeliever, I still think that it exists and it is in fact a very important entity in our body. It may be called logic or heart or brain or mind, no matter how contradictory anything else. My point is that nonsense is our soul. I’m going to tell you the reason why pretty soon.


But for now:

Two boys went to the candy store to buy a chocolate. The cashier took pity of the poor girl walking down the street and told the boys to go share their chocolate with the girl. Being very kind boys they agreed to this without hesitation. When they went outside, the girl started screaming and screaming. The boys tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t stop screaming. They looked back at the cashier for help but the cashier wasn’t there. The shop was gone. The street was gone. The girl was gone. Her scream was the only companion the boys had in the world. The younger boy started crying. The older boy pushed him gently and he fell into the pit. All alone in this pit the younger boy lived forever. The scream was still with him.

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