Five Minutes

I’ve got five minutes to write something. This should be interesting? Have I ever told you the story of when I went to Paris and met my best friend. Well, almost. I did go to Paris. My best friend was, and still is actually, imaginary. You see imaginary friends do all the right things at all the right times. Well that’s not true…they mess up quite badly sometimes. But only because you want them to!

I like my imaginary friend, we go down the rabbit hole together! Sometimes we fly dragons and other times we just do nothing. So many things you can write in five minutes.

Ummm. OH! I know! I’ll tell you how I came to know what went on in the rabbit’s mind. It weird mind, you have to go through many hurdles to get to it but it is worth it. I’m still half way but I’m already feeling better. Oh so you say that I still don’t know what goes on inside the rabbit’s mind! Well you’re right! But it’s fun to write about things which make no sense. It’s what I’m all about man.

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